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Dalith Steiger-Gablinger

AI Influencer | Keynote Speaker | The Global AI Hub | Co-Founder SwissCognitive | Swiss IT Leadership Forum | Managing Partner Core AG Design Works.

Gregor Wolf

CEO evergage GmbH AI


AI Influencer | Keynote Speaker | The Global AI Hub | Co-Founder SwissCognitive | Swiss IT Leadership Forum | Managing Partner Core AG Design Works.

Steffen Konrath

Founder AI Suisse

Olaf Kunz

CEO and Founder, Disrupt Media com

Marcel Blattner

Chief Data Scientist, Tamedia

Teresa Escrig

Managing Director, AI Global lead – at Accenture

Dr. Escrig is an Artificial Intelligence expert with over two decades of distinguished accomplishments. She held a University tenure position and has taught AI related topics at several universities in Europe and the U.S., where she led a university research group on Cognitive Robotics, published more than one hundred peer-review articles, three books, four patents, and received several awards including the best PhD award and the National Prize on Science and Technology. She was the founder and CEO of two startups in AI – “Cognitive Robots” and “Qualitative Artificial Intelligence” – and lead creator of four products from concept to delivery in diverse areas of application – “Cognitive Robot Navigation”, “Cognitive Vision System”, “DNA sequencing”, and “Transparent Autonomous Vehicle” –. She is now the AI global lead in Cognitive Computing & Computer Vision at Accenture Technology. Always defying the status-quo, Dr. Escrig has defended a more cognitive and transparent way of doing AI, as it is reflected in her latest book “Safe AI”, while the rest of the industry derived towards the black-box type of solution. Visionary, out-of-the-box thinker, passionate and effective leader and speaker, Dr. Escrig mission is to make sure that we develop transparent, unbiased, safe and responsible AI.

Roger Gatti

Roger Gatti is responsible for the product portfolio at 1plusX as Chief Product Officer. He has many years of experience in product management and others. in the areas of travel, e-commerce, internet services and finance. Prior to 1plusX, Roger Gatti worked for Crealogix and Google in Product Management.

Armin Herbsthofer

Founder and Physicist, h-square

Daniel Niklaus

Owner of Netlive IT AG.

Andreas Staub

Managing Partner, FehrAdvice & Partner AG

Kim Engels

Director Digital DACH, Reprise Digital

Mark Stephen Meadows

Mark Stephen Meadows is an American author, inventor, artist, and entrepreneur. With 18 years in AI, 22 in VR, and 7 years in blockchain he has designed and developed AI applications at some of the world’s top research labs including Xerox-PARC and SRI. In 2017 Mark co-founded Seed Vault, Ltd, a nonprofit dedicated to building a blockchain-driven platform and marketplace for companies, developers, and individuals to create, sell, and use conversational AI interfaces for bots. Since 2011 Mark has led Botanic.io, which is pioneering the development of AI, blockchain, and conversational interfaces for bots in finance, healthcare, and other industries. Botanic customers include Fortune 100 companies, three government agencies, and startups around the globe. Mark is the author of four books and eight patents related to social robotics, AI, avatars and blockchain.

Frédéric Monard

CEO at PIDAS.com

Thomas Husmann

Head Data Insights, Member of the Board at Previon Plus AG