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I founded AI-Zuerich in March 2018. It started with the idea of a classic meet-up series in Zurich.

I quickly realized that the demand is a lot bigger than I thought. I got more and more requests for speakers and a lot of positive feedback from the participants.

The many great words and requests finally motivated me to start organizing the “AI in Marketing” Conference in June 2018.

Many thanks to all who are there so far.

Sophie Hundertmark

Sophie Hundertmark
Mail: sophie@ai-zuerich.ch
Mobil: + 41 (0) 78 900 5346

The AI in Marketing Conference Z├╝rich is part of h-square GmbH

The AI in Marketing Conference is now part of h-square.

h-square is the Artificial Intelligence GmbH of my colleague, Armin Herbsthofer and me (Sophie Hundertmark).

ai-Zuerich organizes other events and Meet-Ups in Zurich, Bern and Berlin. Always focussing on AI in Marketing.